Our Services


Partner Services

HJSR works with our partners through a bilateral model that identifies the services truly needed. HJSR provides customize personnel solutions for various industries from high volume customer service to executive placement.

Contract employees allow you to control your personnel needs for an established time period that can be extended and renegotiated. We offer recruitment and placement services to meet your exclusive needs.


Contract Placement


Contract to Permanent Placement

Contract to Permanent placement allows you to assess placed personnel’s production and their capability to be a fit for your organization.

Our team of recruiters source, issue assessments and interview our talent to present and place the proper candidate for your company.


Direct Hire Placement


Payroll Services

HJSR performs all payroll administration duties including tax reporting, workers’ compensation, unemployment, state and federal taxes, insurance deductions and W-2. 

HJSR offers 6-10 panel drug screen options for our personnel and partners in need of completing drug test on-site.  HJSR’s background and reference checks are conducted to assure placed personnel’s skills and abilities.


Drug, Reference and Background Screenings



HJSR provides training to our current personnel and offer training services to our partners.