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Critical Employment Related Laws

Updated: May 4, 2021

The enforcement of labor laws and regulations in the workplace is vital as it leads to increased productivity. Besides, there is low employee turnover due to worker satisfaction as well as motivation. The work environment should foster productivity by dealing with issues that affect workers' motivation and productivity.

Significant Harassment and Employment-Related Laws and Regulations

Workplace harassment can be termed as a form of discrimination that violates the rights of an employee from senior employees or peers, and it emotionally or physically affects an individual. Companies should ensure all the workers receive fair treatment and compensation should be based on merit according to the agreed terms and conditions.

Sexual harassment is a significant form of workplace harassment. These actions may be either verbal or physical. In most cases, it involves steps that depict a motive of engaging in sex against his or her will. Organizations should not tolerate employees found guilty of such actions.

Institutional harassment, another form of harassment, is where an employee, through legal procedures or policies, is coerced to act in a particular manner. Such strategies involve threats or termination and bureaucratic processes restricting employees from communicating openly with superiors. Institutional harassment hinders productivity and should be eliminated.

Wages and salaries policies are critical to an organization. The wages set by the organization should factor minimum wages set by the government or state. A company should have a clear compensation structure on how employees at different levels should be compensated.

Through HR, the management of the organization should ensure that appropriate policies are provided for the employees. This will ensure that the working conditions are favorable and motivating to the employees. The procedures should create an environment that promotes cohesion and motivation among the employees regardless of their sex, age, or color. When the organization has proper policies, it is likely to experience innovation, employee loyalty, and a high level of productivity.

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