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Why Use an Employment Agency

Updated: May 4, 2021

Most people know the basic roles of an employment agency as one that helps job seekers to find new roles while helping companies to get the right person for a given job position. However, most people fail to see the bigger picture of the benefits of using employment and HR consulting agency. Collaborating with an agency is highly beneficial to both the hiring manager and the whole company. Here are some beneficial aspects of why you should use a staffing and recruiting agency:

More access to top talent and better candidates

HJ Staffing employment agency helps you to have more accessibility to better candidates who are talented and have top skills. This is because we already have a large pool of referenced and pre-screened candidates, which guarantees you availability of evaluated and interviewed candidates. Besides, as a staffing agency, we frequently deal with candidates, which gives us more experience regarding interviews, best practices on staffing, and requirements that optimizes a perfect match.

We focus on serving the client

In most cases, you get your product or service after paying for it. However, with our employment agency, for most projects work is done before compensation is paid by the client. Thus, if the client doesn’t get a perfect match for the position, then there is no fee which is paid. We focus on getting you candidates who are interested in your company.

Great knowledge of the market

As a recruiting and staffing agency, we are able to meet and interact with both the clients and the candidates hence giving us the exposure to gain knowledge regarding a given sector. As such, we are able to provide insights and advice regarding different working positions and industries. For this reason, our clients are able to gain knowledge for their candidates’ positions, their salary, the available sets of skills, complexities, and trends that they might not have idea about.

Extends the reach

In some instances, candidates might not actively be looking for jobs. Thus, they might be selective or passive, especially for our executive searches. As such, they take a little bit longer to find jobs that fit their match. This is the point where recruiters take their time to get the best candidate for job. They do this by finding the appropriate place to find them and give them incentives that can make them move, or rather join a possible client.

Saving time has never been easy, therefore, we give you an opportunity to widen your operations by filling your roles faster with the help of our able recruiting services. We collaborate with our clients to identify the scope of your requirements and determine the qualifications and skills that are required. HJ Staffing has skilled and knowledge-rich recruiters who have good reputation in industries we are hiring for.

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